Welcome All!

This is my first foray into the world of blogging! I hope to be able to share my everyday enjoyment of life and travels, whether it be in Italy or Canada. As life is progressing, it is taking on a different prospective than it did while raising my family. I have come to a realization that life is a gift.. a package to be opened with new wonderment and enjoyment. Every day... a ribbon entwined, making the fabric of our being. Joy exists in even the simplest things.. Maybe we can discover it together?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something interesting going on in Messina

I ran across a post on another blog that intrigued me.  There is a cultural association in Messina, Sicily that is hosting a "Coctail Reception with Federico II".  Federico was the King of Sicily in ancient times. It turns out that there will be costumes, music, food and entertainment all from this period. The cost of a ticket to the event is 7 Euros, and it is being held in Messina  from 7:30 til 10:30 Saturday, February 13,2010.  Here is a link to the english article and further information and links  I have booked our tickets already! It should be a very interesting evening.  If any of you are in or around Messina that night, it might be something worth your while. I don't think events like this happen very often. Check out the poster for the event.. Food sounds interesting, especially the "Omelette d'arance per Rufianni e Prostitute". Hmmm? I wounder what that could be? Will have to let you all know after the event. Ciao for now!


I have been missing in action for over a week! The nasty Italian cold bug got ahold of me, and hit me with a vengeance! Or was it a "colpa d'aria"? I guess I will never know..but it had me sniveling, literally at its mercy. I have had colds in my life, but this one really knocked me for a loop! I spent 3 days in bed, hotwater bottle snuggled to me as I couldn't warm up without it!  The hot water bottle has to be one of the best inventions all but forgotten by North Americans.  Thank goodness we didn't forget to pack them for our "vacation" this year. They have been our salvation on many a cold damp evening in our apartment with no heat! I think I will show you how my week progressed with pictures taken in and around where we are staying... let me know if you follow the progression.....

Yes there is a rainbow at the end, now just to find the pot of gold! Feeling much better now, and ready to tackle the blog again! Ciao for now

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My first post.... long time coming

Well folks.... I have had this blog in mind since last year... But the procrastinator that I am.... I have never gotten around to posting anything.  I have had such a great time travelling around Calabria and Sicily with my dh over the last four winters, I just haven't made the time to share the experiences with any others. In the last few months.... I have had the great pleasure to be part of so many wonderful cultural experiences... from New Years Eve.. admid the bombs and fireworks of Messina... something to never be forgotten.  Fireworks exploding from every alley, the terazza's light up, ablaze with the colours of Italy . Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Blues, all the fireworks doing their own special shows! Resounding booms throughout the city... poom, poom, poom...... poom.... The joy and delight of all ... ringing in the New Year with a zest for life amid the chaos.  The dancing, the singing, the food, the wine.... Yes, this is what Italy is made of!  Waking up to a New Year.... The Chiesa in the Piazza D'uomo in Messina doing its very special show at the stroke of noon.  Ave Maria, Roosters Crowing, Lions Roaring, pilgrims and saints alike all paying homage to a higher being.... Oh how I love the abandoment of it all!  For some unknow reason..It is like my heart belongs here!  Every day no matter how mundane, has new wonderment.